About the Sustainable Bitch


Here's to making the world a better, cleaner, more sustainable place. Cheers, bitches.
Cheers, bitches.

Hi! I’m Caity, your friendly neighborhood boss bitch who’s trying to make the world a cleaner, happier, funnier place.

My zero-waste journey started a few years ago. Within the span of a few months, I had moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, started a new job, turned twenty-three, and broken up with my then-boyfriend in a spectacular fashion.

Stay with me, friends; I promise this is relevant. And who doesn’t like a some gossip about someone else’s personal tragedies, anyway?

I moved to the Bay Area after college for a writing job. My boyfriend at the time and I had made exciting and hopelessly naive plans to move in together and play house on the west coast. Within the span of a few months, I went from shopping for engagement rings and curating a perfect wedding Pinterest board to uncovering my ex’s cheating scandal and his propensity to drink entire fifths of gin in one sitting.

Needless to say, I deleted that Pinterest board quicker than you can type “Netflix and chill” in a Tinder message thread after three glasses of chardonnay.

After that, I decided to pack up my car and hit the road on my version of a trailer-trash eat-pray-love spirit quest to reconnect with myself and the world around me.

My family and friends were concerned. After all, I was a helpless little woman in a delicate condition who had decided to pack up her sensible sedan and go get lost in the desert by herself for ten days. However, I was jaded about my mundane life and undeterred by the very real possibility that my Korean car would break down in a wasteland or careen off the side of a mountain, so in March, I drove south toward Arizona, two middle fingers waving fearlessly in the air.

I spent two incredible weeks hiking, camping, and getting lost over 4000 miles in six national parks in five states. I found spectacular places and amazing natural wonders seemingly in my own backyard. I climbed mountains, swam in lakes, and nearly hit a wild horse. More than anything, though, I found my strength and independence again as I traversed wild landscapes. I found relief from my petty trials in the rugged desolation of the desert. The rugged landscapes and wild places made me believe in myself again.

My zero-waste adventure is about giving back to the Earth what it gave to me in my time of need. The world’s population is growing; we’re producing and consuming more manufactured goods than ever, and with it, more waste than ever. We litter our oceans with plastic. We destroy acres upon acres of land to bury mountains of our trash. We’re assholes to a pretty awesome planet.

This bitch wants to try to change that.


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