Why I’m an Activist

And why I’m not shutting up.


Bitches Rock the Vote

Whether you’re a nasty woman, a bad hombre, or anything in between, your vote matters this year!

Going Zero-Waste… Gradually

When I tell people that I try to live a zero-waste lifestyle, most people respond with a sense of utter overwhelm. Most people assume that going zero-waste is nearly impossible or that my life now consists of an endless parade of joyless sacrifices. After all, plastic and single-use items areĀ ev-er-y-where, from plastic straws, plastic wrappers,…


How adopting a zero-waste lifestyle impacts my health and the planet (Bonus: rodent gifs)

Coffee Talk: Earth-Friendly Stimulant Abuse

My day doesn’t begin until I’ve engaged in my daily ritual of ingesting enough caffeine to make me feel human. However, many of our common coffee habits have got me feeling a little verklempt.